General FAQ

General FAQ

If you have purchased airport pick up services, our representatives or agent will be waiting for you at the arrival hall, with a paging board bearing our JSK Tours & Travel placard bearing your name.

If your flight is delayed, you can call us at the following numbers: +(60)12–279 9046 OR (60)17–570 0975 

However, we are always ensure and checking our visitors flight schedule from time to time.

If you happen to leave something in our vehicle, do ensure to give us a call at the following numbers: +(60)12–279 9046 OR (60)17–570 0975

Money exchange can be found in major shopping malls, streets and in the airport, do check out the good rates offer usually in the city.

When you are traveling to the more rural parts in Sabah, Celcom or Maxis broadband is recommended, but you may check out other like Digi, U Mobile, and Unify prepaid services. Nevertheless, most hotels, restaurants and malls, and even coffee shops provide free WiFi access.

In time of an emergency where family and friends are unable to contact you, they can contact JSK Tours & Travel directly and we can convey the message as soon as possible.


Before you travel to Malaysia, do remember to check your validity date of your passport, and other valid documents like Visa. This is a friendly reminder to ensure that your passport has at least 6 months validity on the day you plan to leave your country and enter Borneo in Malayia. You will be being rejected to enter into our country should the expiry date be less than six months.

The following requirement details is according to Malaysia's Immigrations Department before entering in Sabah, Malaysia: 

  1. Valid passport and all necessary travel document (At least 6 months validity)
  2. Valid travel visa
  3. Valid return flight travel ticket and sufficient funds
  4. Not classified of bring prohibited items
  5. Completion of the Arrival/Departure card Valid Visa